Helping to build a brighter future

Our Philosophy

Our activities connect Kenya and Denmark to contribute effectively to the conservation of endangered species and ecosystems. This work is carried out through international breeding programs for endangered species, donations and international partnerships. We also carry out and engage in a variety of social projects and initiatives to support and provide education of young people and empower local e.g. Masai communities.

Conservation Philosophy

To protect endangered nature and wildlife, we sometimes must use methods, which seem unconventional or counter intuitive. For instance, we keep animals in captivity at Ree Park. How does that align with the thinking around conserving wildlife? In Denmark, our animals are part of international breeding programs. Through these programs we can contribute to the breeding of endangered animals, which even sometimes will be translocated back into the wild of the species’ natural habitats to strengthen or reestablish the wild populations.

We also carry out several social programs in Africa, supporting and providing education and income opportunities to vulnerable communities. This work means that local communities are less likely to become involved in detrimental activities such as poaching, habitat degradation etc.