Karen Blixen Camp


Right on the bank of the magnificent Mara River, Karen Blixen Camp is located in the middle of the wildlife, which is the main attraction for the camp’s visitors. The unique positioning of the camp means that immediately when you open the tent in the morning, you will see any number of hippos relaxing in the river. You might also see elephants, giraffes and crocodiles in the river or just visiting for a drink.

Karen Blixen Camp is a special experience. Luxurious, yet always in conversation with the beauty of the omnipresent nature. Comfortable, yet authentic and indeed a genuine wilderness experience. And the tents, where the guests are staying, are a wonder and an unforgettable experience in themselves.

Beyond the river lies the spectacular Oloo lolo Escarpment, and when you face away from the river you see the plains of the world famous Masai Mara Ecosystem opening up, promising unforgettable experiences with the area’s wildlife, delivered by the very kind and very competent guides and staff.

Karen Blixen Camp is the center for the majority of our community and conservation activities, and the camp contributes directly to upholding and supporting those activities. In 2023, the camp paid more than 1,8 mm USD to the land owners of Mara North, and this money pays for salaries to the areas’ rangers, and for maintenance, administration etc.

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